Frequently asked questions

Where do the sweets in Captain Candy’s stores come from?

Captain Candy’s ships travel all over Europe (from Spain to Germany, from Sweden to Italy) to the very best suppliers for candy. All you have to do is look at the barrel or the box and that will tell you where the particular candy has sailed from.

What is the shelf life of the candy?

As we pirates say, “You can find the answer to everything in a barrel”. In this case not actually in the barrel, but on the barrel. The candy’s shelf life is written on each of them.

How should the candy be stored after it has been bought?

In the same way as supplies on pirate expeditions - if possible in dry and cold conditions

Is it okay that the candy in the stores lies in open barrels?

Although pirates often lived outside the law, everything’s all right here. It’s called “free sale” and doesn’t break hygiene rules in any way. It’s like when you put bread in a bag in a port’s “super” market…

Where does Captain Candy come from?

The first Captain Candy store was opened in Prague and after this success we decided to expand further. You can currently find us in several countries and we are planning more!

Why can’t we try the candy in the barrels?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for hygiene reasons. But don’t be afraid to ask our crews in the stores – they will be happy to help you find the exact taste you are looking for.

Is it hygienic to put tongs on barrels?

The old pirate rule states that “tongs belong on a barrel”. What’s more, here too we respect the law which doesn’t see any problem with this.

Does the Captain Candy concept also work as a franchise?

Yes, the Captain Candy concept successfully operates several franchise stores. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us via the form in the "Franchising" section.

Are the barrels really completely full?

Pirates must have some secrets. And that’s why we’ll leave it to you to guess. ;)

Which is the most popular candy?

Not even the famous sorceress from the Island of Crystal Balls could answer that. Everyone chooses whatever suits their taste and the best-selling candy often changes. If you look at the barrels in the stores you will find out more.

What are the stores’ opening hours?

You can find the current opening hours in the information about the specific store.

Why isn’t the price of the candy written on each barrel?

Because there’s no need. ;) The price per 100 g is uniform for the entire selection and you will always find it written in the store.

Want to be first

Up until a few years back, our messages would have been etched on parchment and sent out in bottles. Fortunately we have e-mail these days. Write your address on the sheet to be the first to find out about all of the captain’s expeditions and treasures.