How the Captain found his true treasure

Nothing in the world could scare him. Nothing could deter him from his looting and plundering.


There was only thing that the Captain was afraid of. He was afraid of getting old. And he was afraid that his famous pieces would one day be forgotten.

So he became..
..obsessed with the search for eternal youth. parchments

He would appear as a spectre

He would pillage, kidnap, interrogate…

He wasn’t looking for treasure like everyone else. He wasn’t interested in gold, he wasn’t interested in precious metals, he wasn’t interested in diamonds.

He was looking for the elixir of eternal youth.


In an effort to save their lives, his prisoners sent him to islands that were not shown on nautical charts, to priestesses about whom only the very darkest legends were told, to look for plants shown only on the oldest parchments. But none of this advice concealed the recipe for eternal youth.


It was only in one of the towns he traveled to that an old man, a merchant, fell into the hands of the Captain. Unlike the others he didn’t think up some fairy story. Instead, he took the Captain to his home and offered him a small, round, shiny sweet.


The taste of this tiny morsel took the Captain back to his childhood. And he understood.
You can’t stay young forever.
But anyone can go back to their youth for a little while!

Find your treasure too!