compass compass

2009 2009

The first lines in the logbook

The idea was born to bring the best flavours to everyone and to bring back memories of childhood at least for a little while.


2010 2010

We start ploughing the seas

In all the harbours we look for merchants who can fill our barrels with the best treasures on offer.


2011 2011

We have found our treasure

Our barrels are finally full and our desire to share all these tastes can finally be fulfilled. Captain Candy has arrived!


2012 2012

We launch our first ship on the water

The very first ship in Captain Candy’s flotilla finds a place to anchor in Melantrichova Street in the centre of Prague


2013 2013

We leave our territorial waters

For the first time, one of our ships leaves our home port and anchors in one of the most beautiful port cities in the world – Dubrovnik in Croatia.


2014 2014

Our conquest continues

We do well in the Croatian waters and two more stores see the light of day in Dubrovnik!


2015 2015

We are not idle at home either

We expand our home port and anchor more ships in the coves of Old Prague, in Karlova and Havelská streets.


2016 2016

To the Moats!

After oceans, seas, bays, deltas and rivers we also start ploughing through Moats! And so we open our fourth store in Prague on Na Příkopě Street (příkop = moat in Czech!)


2017 2017

We continue to colonise

A fully equipped ship with an experienced crew finds anchor in two stores in the Italian city of Venice..

…the captain’s story continues!
Want to be first

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