Captain Candy Franchising

Captain Candy concept caught your eye?

Captain Candy is a Czech candy shop selling a wide range of candies ready for devouring. The first store was opened in 2012 in Prague and since then Captain Candy has spread its wings all the way to Croatia and Italy. There are currently 10 stores in total.

Keen to spread the joy of returning to being a kid to others around you?

Check out what you can gain from a Captain Candy franchise and get in touch. We can then talk through the rest in person.

Why work with us as a franchising partner?

  • Our concept boasts its own unique style
  • We offer quality of an international calibre
  • We’re constantly developing and improving
  • We’re a tried and tested European brand

What we offer franchising partners?

  • The security of working for an international brand
  • Tried and tested sales know-how, which is constantly being innovated
  • Well-thought out, tried and tested and ready-made solutions
  • Help not only before opening your store and in the early stages, but also any time further down the line
  • The opportunity for personal development and self-realisation in getting your business off the ground
  • The chance to contribute to the development and growth of the brand
  • Stocking up with products and the necessary equipment to operate a franchise
  • System of regular checks and consultations
  • Long-term income and appreciation of your investment
  • Mutual agreement on a specific form of cooperation

How to get a Captain Candy franchise

We see franchising as a longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship, a bit like accepting another person into our business family. We therefore take great care to ensure our selection process is fair, thorough and prudent.

For this reason anyone interested in applying is asked to complete a QUESTIONNAIRE to share preliminary (and non-binding) information with us, which allows us to ascertain whether our future collaboration is built on sufficiently solid foundations and has real prospects for success. We’ll get in touch after reading through your responses.

By sending your responses, you are automatically entered onto our database of people interested in working with us. We treat any information contained in the questionnaire in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and use it exclusively for the purpose of potential collaboration with you.