Quality matters

At Captain Candy we care to offer only the best jelly and chocolate candies in Europe. We take a huge care about our candies at our original stores for you to find only the most fresh and fluffy candy. The same goes for our e-commerce orders by splitting the ordered candy according to the type (sugar never mixes with chocolate, etc.). Freshness and quality are our main principles.

Ingredients and freshness


Captain Candy sweets are made using top grade ingredients. Always and uncompromisingly.


All sweets you find in our stores are produced in family-owned companies all over the European Union.


Eating candy hurts pirates’ teeth less when the candy only contains natural ingredients, such as Captain Candy sweets. Honey, nuts, licorice, fruit purees. Yummy.


Our candy is always sold fresh and soft. When you shop in our e-shop, we make sure that the individual kinds don’t mix during delivery. You don’t have to worry that sugar coated jelly would ruin the taste of the chocolate pralines.


On production


Our candy is produced in the EU. Namely in Sweden, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.


The production facilities where we make our candy all have a solid tradition. They are operated by family-owned companies where craft has been handed down for generations with an emphasis on uncompromising quality. We make sure that our producers use high-quality ingredients and traditional production processes.


Our producers use state-of-the-art technologies. Hygiene and cleanliness are important to them. Chocolate bonbons are mainly made using handcraft methods.


We are absolutely and positively sure about the quality of our sweets. We will convince you as well once you have tried their taste. This is why we are offering a 100% money back guarantee if there is anything wrong with your candy, also including online purchases.

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