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2012 2012

It's here! Nothing will ever be the same again! The final decision has been made that Captain Candy is a great concept and that we're going big.


2013 2013

We planned, we tested, we filled the warehouses and the dream became a reality. We set up the overall concept, company and franchise structures and we're in.


2014 2014

We opened the doors of our first store in Prague. We chose really carefully, and thanks to that we are able to offer our customers not only premium candies, but also a perfect experience every time they visit us.


2016 2016

Our stores are becoming more and more popular with customers, so we know we have chosen the right path. We are opening more stores in Prague and preparing for international expansion.


2017 2017

We are conquering the Mediterranean. Italy is no longer just about the sea and the sun. Now tourists can also admire our sweets in several stores!


2020 2020

We expand to the Netherlands - Amsterdam is the next stop on our journey to conquer Europe. Our candies are making more and more people happy.


2021 2021

We keep looking and planning. We're adding stores in Italy and we can't wait for every new opportunity.


2022 2022

We opened our first store in Germany in Cologne. And in Amsterdam you can already find us at two addresses. And we are very happy about everything!


2023 2023

The plans are clear, we are about to conquer Rome 😊 and it's definitely not our last stop…

…the captain’s story continues!
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